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A. Santos Paradise Resort
Lemery, Batangas, Philippines

Beach Resort in Lemery Batangas

There are two reasons you should choose Batangas...

The first one is because of the charming Lemery town, where you’ll also find the second reason. That second, and best, reason is A. Santos Paradise Resort, a beautiful vacation retreat nestled along a lovely, quiet beach.

Fill your holiday itinerary with non-stop fun activities, like boating or beach volleyball. Feel like a VIP in accommodations that befit your lifestyle. At A. Santos Paradise Resort, you’ll want to savor the refreshing feeling that every serene day brings.

The next time you’re torn on where to stay on your vacation, choose Batangas. Our two reasons will surely be worth your while.  Reserve Now

batangas beach resort

Distinctive Designs for Diverse Tastes

At A. Santos Paradise Resort, find the right room, one that satisfies various tastes and needs. Stylish urbanites will love our VIP Room. Those in the mood for a rustic experience will favor the Bamboo Suite. The Bungalow, on the other hand, is perfect for families and big groups. Details

beach resort batangas

Fun and Frolic

You’re on vacation, and when on vacation, it’s only right to indulge and have fun. We have a number of facilities meant for all-out recreation, including a pool, beach volleyball court, and snack bar. If you feel like exploring the sea, boating activities are also offered. Details